Digestion Mix

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A natural supplement formulated as a nutritional aid to the digestive system in horses. Contains prebiotics and a unique herb blend to support digestion.

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5 reviews for Digestion Mix

  1. shelley Bobak (verified owner)

    a good product.

    • Beryl Shuttleworth

      Thank you so much. xxxx

  2. Mrs Shelley Bobak

    looking forward to the delivery

  3. Pauline Kinton

    Perfect for when you get a new horse and they need to settle down with the new food and also a good boost every now and then to keep all the tummies in check.

  4. Wilene

    Worked well, horses enjoyed it!

  5. Dawn Gray

    I put my older horse onto the Digestion Mix a few years ago after a few bouts of colic.
    The colics stopped, and the mare settled down overall.
    I suspect she might have had ulcers (they say about 80% of competition horses do) and this seemed to settle her tummy and make her a happier horse overall.

    We also found it useful on cribbiting horses…. it seemed to reduce their need to crib.

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