Farriers’ Mix

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A blend of vitamins and minerals to support hoof care for horses by helping address nutritional imbalances that cause weak, brittle or sensitive hooves.

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5 reviews for Farriers’ Mix

  1. Claire

    Every month on the fourth week my horse used to lose a shoe. He was so lame he could not even walk in the camp… I would just start getting him going well and I wiould have to stop because he was as bad as crippled!! very frustrating!
    I have had him on farriers mix now for just over a year…. he hasnt lost a shoe in over 6 months!!!

    Thank you!! Amazing!!

  2. Penny Bartlett

    After only 3 months use, and in the excessive rain experienced in Gauteng this past summer, did not loose a shoe whereas before, replacing a shoe every 2 weeks. Great product

  3. Susan

    I used this product on a horse that had been returned from a lease with no feet. Poor thing could hardly stand, and people were saying he would never come sound. I tried the HH Farriers Mix and the farrier noticed the difference within 3 weeks, The horse was sound again within a month, and winning at eventing a couple of months later. Awesome stuff, and I am quite convinced that it saved my horse.

  4. Pippa Moolman

    On the recommendation of my farrier I put two of my horses on Farrier Mix, and both have responded well. The one is a very flat footed TB with slow hoof growth, although still flat footed, the farrier has hoof to work with now. My other TB’s hooves were a bit “soft” and always losing shoes, but hasn’t lost a show for ages.

  5. Janet Burmeister

    Excellent product, horses love it and it helps to build strong, healthy hooves.

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