Mare Mix

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A natural horse supplement consisting of a blend of herbs, vitamins and omega oil formulated to nutritionally help with your moody mare.

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4 reviews for Mare Mix

  1. ingridlalk

    I own a mare that just turned 4 and came into heat properly for the first time and went from a very sweet loving girl to a girl that just wanted to fight and throw tantrums about everything. My instructor and stable manager suggested I put her on the mare mix to help her deal with the hormones. Within a week of being on the mix she was back to being her sweet cuddly self

    • Beryl Shuttleworth

      Ingrid, I’m SO pleased to hear that. 🙂

  2. Pauline Kinton

    ha ha bitch mix it is and it certainly sorted out my madam!!

  3. Dawn Gray

    I think Beryl developed this product after I moaned and moaned and moaned about my mare every time she came into season.
    She is the 5th mare that I have owned, and has by far the worst case of PMS that I have come across!

    The Mare mix (called Bitch mix in our circles 🙂 ) took the edge off and kept her far more functional through her season.
    We can actually canter while in season these days!
    So no more having to plan shows around when she is in heat!

  4. tanya Harrison

    i used this product on a very moody mare and within weeks this mare settled down and was not so moody, she was willing to work and listen to the rider where as before she was very moody and we could only work with her on her good day. i recommend this product to anyone that has to deal with a moody mare.

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