A Letter from Copper

1st November 2016
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Dear Aunty Beryl,

Mom, says we are all done with shows for the year.

We have had a really good year.  My first full year in Novice, and I have done a lot of sponsored horsegrowing, physically and mentally through the year.

We have managed to wean me off of the high doses of Calm mix and Magnesium oxide, and I am now on a half scoop of Calm mix and one scoop of Magnesium oxide.  Any less and Mom says my brain vacates my body.  (I used to be on two scoops of each and extra for shows).

I actually am focused enough that Mom is attempting to teach me to jump again.  Thus far I do not think I have scared her again as she lets me hop over a little jump in the arena while we are schooling.

At the end of June the vet did a biopsy on the bumps on my back, which came back as a plain allergy.

copper2Thank you for sending  me a packet of Itch Mix to try.  The vet said I would most likely have to have regular cortisone injections when I get itchy, but the daily dose of Itch Mix appears to be keeping the itchiness at bay.  Even though, now with spring I have a few new bumps!

Next year the goal is to attempt to grade up to Elementary.  So I think we are going to be working hard the next few months to try and perfect all the new bits of work we have been working on.  But it is all so exciting… anything not to have to do Novice 2 again.

I promise to try and behave and will wear my Herbal Horse numnah with pride.

With love

Princess CopperButt

Aka Vyfhoek Copper Penny

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