Addi moving on up….

9th September 2015
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Addition and I did our very first 1.1m class in Stellenbosch 30 August 2015 – the feeling landing after the last jump was better than winning gold at the Olympics – all the months of blood (yes there was blood for me when I bailed), sweat and tears finally paid off and my AdiPoniPi can now spread his wings and show us all, me included, what he is really about.

We also did a clinic with Diane Snodgrass-Botes that has trained some of SA’s great riders including Jade Hooke now campaigning in the UK. Di had lovely thing to say to Adi and I, which left me with a BIG smile and feeling very confident.

Two poles at SDRC – the very first jump because I don’t think he clicked the jumps are now bigger and then along the way somewhere, was having to much fun to notice LOL

We will be competing at Europa this coming weekend and hoping for another super confident show.
THANK YOU to Calm Mix or as I lovingly call it – his Chill Pills – Addition is now able to focus on the job at hand.

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