Can Dogs Eat … ? Which herbs are safe and which are toxic.

1st November 2016
Beryl Shuttleworth
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What kitchen herbs can dogs eat and which are toxic? There is a ton of information on the internet, some of it hugely contradictory. I’ve tried to simplify things by dividing herbs into three categories –

  1. Good for pets
  2. Bad for pets
  3. Be cautious

Good for pets

Can dogs eat cayenne pepper, dill, chia seeds, coriander, fennel, ginger, oreganum, parsley, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, basil, mint, cinnamon?

Yes. Apart from adding flavour and interest to your cat or dog’s diet, these herbs can be very beneficial to your pet’s health. For example, dill has anti-flatulence effects as well as having a positive effect on respiratory problems.  Rosemary is an anti-oxidant and Chia seeds contain a near perfect ratio of Omega oils.

Bad for pets

Can dogs eat comfrey, pennyroyal?

No. Comfrey contains alkaloids that could cause cancer. Even though dried comfrey contains far fewer of these than fresh, I still feel that comfrey is best avoided. For more information on comfrey, click here.

Pennyroyal can be toxic, especially in pets with kidney problems or who are pregnant.

Be cautious

Can dogs eat garlic?

Garlic is the most controversial as a lot of people believe it is not at all good for animals. But the fact is, if fed in small amounts, garlic is 100% safe and has a lot of benefits.  One clove per 9kg of bodyweight per day or for cats half a clove per day is completely safe. (The amount of garlic in the Allergy Formula is way below this level.)

Yet, very high doses of garlic given over a long period of time can cause Heinz bodies to form on the surface of red blood cells. When these are destroyed,it can result in Haemolytic Anaemia.

But, in small doses, garlic helps to regulate blood sugar, acts as a natural flea repellent and is an effective natural antibiotic.

In conclusion, garlic can be toxic, but in small doses is very valuable and should therefore be used sparingly where possible.

For more on garlic, read this.

8 Responses

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  2. I use lots of herbs in cooking and I like to give my dog the leftovers this article was very helpful in knowing what was safe! Thanks!

  3. Brilliant newsletter – so interesting.
    I don’t have a dog but read it right through!
    Well done, Beryl.
    Seasons’ Compliments
    Emile Shreve

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