Can pets suffer from depression?

15th March 2012
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Can animals feel depressed? Of course they can – dogs and cats are just as vulnerable to feelings of fear, anxiety and depression as we are.

There can be all kinds of reasons for this – moving house, a divorce, fighting, boredom, crime – pets are just like us.

Watch your dog or cat carefully, and you will soon see if there are signs of anxiety or depression. That frisky little kitten that you bought home will mature into a quieter, calmer cat. This is not a problem. But if your dog suddenly starts to chew things or dig up your garden or whine through the night – start to watch more closely. If your cat suddenly shows a decrease in appetite, loses interest in playing and decreases grooming – there might be a problem.

Just as in humans, treatment varies enormously. Sometimes, a simple increase in affection and attention from owner to pet can be all that is needed. Sometimes (often) the depression can be related to diet. And sometimes, the problem is more complicated and requires medication and a visit to the vet.

The Herbal Pet product, Serenity Formula, helps when the depression is related to nutrition or when the pet needs medication but a natural remedy is preferred. It contains a blend of  nutrients which, when deficient, cause anxiety problems. And it also contains a blend of herbs, which gently calm your pet without causing drowsiness.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Beryl. My Dachshund suffers from seperation anxiety during the day whilst I am at work. I’ve tried numerous things: toys, bones, leaving him at a friend’s house with her dogs and, most recently, a ‘Good Behaviour’ collar which contains pheromones. Would you recommend that I try the Serenity Formula too?

    Thanks for a great site.

    1. Hi Karen. Yes, absolutely. BUT. Is not like a tranquiliser that works immediately, if you give it as soon as you hear thunder. With Serenity formula, you need to give a dose daily during storm season.

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