Copper and the Cavaletti Monsters ;-)

5th June 2015
Beryl Shuttleworth
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On Saturday, we had the fun and games of seeing what life would be like if Cops didn’t get his scoops of Calm Mix!

Oh boy!

He would be a beautiful paddock ornament, because I would be incapable of dealing with him and his overactive imagination!

We had a super lesson on Wednesday morning, and Saturday were trying to replicate it with the intention of riding a British Dressage Elementary test (just to see how it goes).

You know what they say about the best laid plans……

Initially he saw one of the grooms up beyond the arena in an area known to have monsters residing in it.  Unfortunately for us she was wearing a white jacket so was very conspicuous against the rest of the scenery up there.

Even when not facing up that way he was worrying about the chances of said monster coming over the wall and eating him.

So the top end of the arena became a minefield of tension!

And then, said groom walked down from the top.  We have a wall across the back of our arena, with our mirrors on it, and the groom’s compound is just beyond it.  So we often have grooms popping out from behind the wall.  Some very kindly, knowing that Cops is a worry wart and will spook at them, talk a long detour around the arena next door.

But Lydia decided to walk down between our arena and the next one.  Cops and I were at the bottom of the arena when she appeared at the top, and he was fine by it, if a little distracted, but then we made a 20m circle so she disappeared behind us.  He wanted to spin around to continue to watch her progress towards us but I made him remain with his back to her.  So when he did finally come around the corner (I halted him with his back to her to teach him the cant always just do what he likes), she was much further along.  He didn’t appear to notice her almost at the bottom, and was still looking for her where he saw her last…. And so, the groom-eating-hedge-monster was born.

And that particular monster apparently looks like a cavalletti… coz from what I could see, that was what he was leaping away from each time we went up the long side… the cavalletti at the side at E.  and his paranoia spread to the cavalletti at B as well.  So we were trapped between two now HORSE eating monsters.

I of course was not overly impressed with his antics, as I had a goal in mind and being the Type A personality that I am have trouble changing my plans once they are made.  So it turned into a bit of a spat.  I did remind him that the monster he needs to most be concerned with was currently on his back.  And she is also in charge of whether he gets fed or not.

Not that he seemed overly concerned with that one – guess he knows I love him!

It took a while and we did eventually survive going around the arena without being eaten.

Sunday he was better.

And today, I figured out the quickest cure for cavalletti horse eating monsters…. And it’s quite simple really :  loosen the front girth strap one hole.

Coz, although I accused him of having PMS (Along with me) this weekend… it would appear that his PMS is more STS …. Saddle Tightness Syndrome.

He had a saddle fit last month, but with the new improved work load we are muscling up and when I tacked him up today, I felt his saddle is a little snug.  Again.


So had the brainwave to loose the girth in front so the saddle doesn’t squish his shoulders so much, and voila he settled down nicely.

He is actually a good horse – only really gets fractious when his saddle doesn’t fit.  And it all starts with monsters appearing in awkward places.  Very frustrating as it takes me a day or two to realise he isn’t just being King Dork, but has an issue!

We are awaiting our Ultimate mix to arrive so he can start on that to help with the muscling up etc, so hope my darling saddle fitter is prepared to do monthly adjustments for the next while.  J


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