Copper – Growing up Beautiful

27th September 2013
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Our newest sponsored horse is Copper, who lives in the Limpopo province, South Africa. The pictures below tell a fascinating story of the muscle development which takes place with good nutrition (and Sport Horse mix) and correct work.  His owner, Dawn tells us more:

“He is Vyfhoek Copper Penny, one of the last youngsters to come from the Vyfhoek stud in Wiepe, up at the Botswana border.

He turned 5 in August but it would appear he is a late bloomer as he looks and acts more like three.

The Sport Horse mix has done a lot to change him from looking like a youngster…. he has grown so much on that stuff it’s quite amazing!

He is only half Boerperd, the other half being split between Thoroughbred and American saddler. He has his mother’s friendly nature and his father’s inclination to stress and worry when he can’t get stuff right.

The plan is for him to be my next dressage star…if we ever figure out where all four feet are.. but failing that he might make a good circus clown.

His antics keep us all in hysterics most of the time.”

The trot across the arena that made us HAVE to have him!

First backed….

First show (swimming in the flooded Peter Minnie – still haven’t forgiven GHS for that!)

Before we started the Sport Horse mix

A week or so later

After 2 months on Sport Horse mix…

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