Gabriel, Doberman Angel

22nd July 2015
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Gabe when he was first rescued.
All snug in his blanky.

Gabriel is my current foster.  He was found abused, burnt and starved in a cage in a suburb of Cape Town.  Gabriel weighed 10kg when they found him.  12 days later he weights just over 13kg.   I have had him for a very short while but in that time he has taught me so much.  He came to me to teach me.  I have fostered quite a few dobies and other rescues over the years but Gabe is special.  When he was found the AACL wanted to put him down.  When they came to him with the needle he got up and started wagging his little tail.  They let him live.  This little man has a very long road ahead of him.  He currently has 9000 followers on facebook in 3 days.  Gabe is currently on a joint supplement, omega 3, sunflower oil, evening primrose oil and his antibiotics.

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