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Introducing Fairy

28th Mar 2013
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Fairy is owned by Chrisna Jooste. Here are some pictures and an update on her first show (EVER):

“our first show: i took her to the harties christmas show at the end of november. she behaved exceptionally well & surprised me lots. she won her dressage & working riding class; came 3rd in the show riding…due to us losing 1x stirrup leather & iron in the middle of our test; it unfortunately didnt fall off as i put the pilletjie of the leather into the holder on the saddle (to look neat. heehee) this came back & bit me in the arse as the leather & iron ended up dangling from the saddle hitting her under the stomach & on the hindlegs. we proceeded to show our talents in the airs above ground…but luckily no illegal dismounts were recorded;-) we had a clear in the jumping round (50cm) but pulled a pole in the jump-off. at the end of the day it was nice to find out we missed the victor ludorum for the ‘novice horse’-section by only 1point!

we attempted the two phase on the sunday & as grant reckoned the 50cm course is a panzie round we went for the 60/70cm one. she did brilliantly esp seeing that she had come out of ahs a week prior to the show & had done very little jumping in prep for the show as well as the fact that we virtually hadnt practised any x-country obstacles at all. i rode easily & slowly taking some approaches at the trot even. she did everything – eventhough all the fences had been decorated in cristmas bling. we encured 41 time penalities for this round though. she had a clear in the jumping round & we ended up in 5th place at the end of the class.”

when i bought her

1st ride

table mountain


1st time jumping

on the lunge

quiet moment

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