Introducing Shep – Agility Star

25th September 2013
Beryl Shuttleworth
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When I started Agility training with my border collie, Jack, there was a young girl called Sune in my class. Her dog was called Shep. Now, a few months later, Shep and Sune have leapt so far ahead of Jack and I, that I am quite embarrassed! They have been travelling around the country and collecting prizes at every show they attend. Because I have absolutely no hope of ever being as good as them, the herbal pet is now sponsoring this talented combination. Watch this space – this pair will soon be famous…..

This is Shep’s story, as told by Sune:

“Shep is the sweetest Border Collie male I have ever come across. We bought him from a breeder in Rustenburg.

He is 3 years old now, turning 4 in October. When he was two, we started a sport called Agility at the best dog school – Duke’s Academy for Dogs.

This year in May we had our first official KUSA show in Port Elizabeth and now 5 months later we are in A3 Contact and Non-Contact and almost in Grade 1 Dog Jumping.

Shep is a fast learner and understands 30 commands. He is such a pleasant dog. I love him so much.

Thank you, herbal pet for sponsoring us, we appreciate it.”

2 Responses

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