Introducing Teddy and Apollo, from Ireland!

30th July 2013
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Because the herbal horse is soon going to be available in Ireland (Yay!), we have tracked down two hugely promising Irish horses to sponsor. Both belong to Joan Mclaren of McLaren High Performance Horses. She tells us a bit more about them here:


“Coup de Foudre (Teddy) has spent the last two years in re-hab. He had a soft-tissue shoulder injury that went undiagnosed by the vets for months. Consequent physio to address the problem has been a long-haul process. He now seems just about normal. I am conscious though, that there are many related muscle imbalances that have popped-up throughout rehab–and may continue for some time. Since I have put him on the Herbal Horse Sport Horse Mix he seems more energetic–as though some of the little niggles have stopped niggling. He is working well and feels like his former self again. He has an exciting jump and a good brain. I hope to start competing him in m120 classes soon and move him up in the Fall. If all goes to plan, I hope to have him in small internationals by next Fall. Fingers crossed! ”














“18.1 hand high Apollo is by a son of Darco named Karandasj.His mother is the daughter of a Grand Prix jumping mare named Shalom Heather. NO ONE in his family (that we know of) was anywhere close to his height! I thought he would finish growing when he hit 17 hands, but more was yet to come!

He has a prodigious jump and is very careful. He also has an enormous stride which he has now learned to balance both jumping and on the flat. He is jumping small courses. (To be honest, everything is small to him!) But this has helped him learn how to handle his body without putting him in a situation that might shake his confidence. I hope to do some bigger courses by the end of the year and move up to small internationals next year.

Apollo has always had strange skin problems–especially during the change of seasons. He has  also popped the occasional wart (which lamb rings eliminate). Since he has been on the Herbal Horse Immune Mix, there have been no new warts and his coat and hair look excellent.

I’m very happy with the results! ”



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