Kerry has a new horse!

13th June 2016
Beryl Shuttleworth
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The new girl, Annie, has had a month of ‘letting down time’ as she was very worried and hyper. She’s had her teeth done, had her back done, had her saddle checked, had her shoes off. I am waiting for her to put on a bit of weight and relax more.

She’s going out in a big field every day with a little old pony, and realising that her racing days are over, I hope.

Unfortunately the stress and worry was so deep-seated that Calm Mix didn’t even touch her. I am pretty sure she has ulcers too. Just a totally uptight mare who looked really uncomfortable in her body. Wouldn’t eat her food a lot of the time, unless it consisted of loads of cereals (last thing she needs, but exactly what she is used to, of course), and very suspicious of any additives at all. A real trial!

So, I am taking it slowly, but as soon as I can get her on the Mixes, and chilled out in herself, we will make a start.

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