Preparing your older pet for winter

22nd April 2013
Beryl Shuttleworth
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pug in hatOlder pets, like older people, tend to feel the Winter chill a bit more acutely than the rest of us. But, we can make it easier for our old pets in Winter. Here are a few things we can do:

1. Clothes – if your dog or cat will wear a jacket, put one on when it is chilly. (I know this is near impossible with cats…)

2. Make sure your pet’s shelter is waterproof and windproof. The sleeping area should ideally be lifted off the ground and have plenty of soft warm blankets.

3. Start a joint supplement, if you notice any signs of stiffness. (We recommend Joint Formula :)) Cold weather exacerbates joint problems.

4. Prebiotics as well as a general multivitamin are a good idea for old pets in Winter. These will boost immunity and help to keep your pet healthy throughout the Winter. (Ours is called Everypet Formula.)

5. Warm food will help to warm your pet from the inside. For the oldies, it is worth the trouble.

6. Feed a little extra during Winter. In order to avoid loss of condition, I recommend increasing the amount of food you feed by about 10%.  Your pet’s metabolic needs increase during Winter because they expend energy keeping warm.

7. Groom your pet regularly. A well groomed coat is a better insulator.

8. Towel dry your pet if he or she gets wet. Dry the feet as well and rub the pads with a little vaseline after a cold walk.



3 Responses

  1. Hi Beryl

    It was interesting to see your pics and article about the Animal Festival at Kyalami.

    At Pug Rescue in Benoni, I often recommend your products (especially the Joint Formula) to Pug Parents attending our monthly Yappy Hours. These days are held specifically to raise funds to run our sanctuary in Benoni North Agricultural Holdings where approximately 100 dogs are housed, Pugs and wanna-be Pugs (wanna-be Pugs are dogs of other breeds that we take in, from time to time, when capacity allows). We also try to include an awareness section at each fundraiser.
    I am sure that you are aware that we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Pugs and dogs of other breeds.

    Each Yappy Hour has a theme. Our April Yappy Hour theme was Pug Aid (Emergency first response before taking your Pug to the vet), and the talk given by Dr Jess Coleman from the Rynfield Veterinary Clinic was very well received.

    As Gordon the Pug (Shuttleworth) from Cape Town often donates his acting earnings to Pug Rescue SA, we would welcome The Herbal Pet having a stand at one of our Yappy Hours to promote the products. In return, if you would donate a few of your sample packs for us to give as prizes or give a donation from goods sold?

    We run the Yappy Hours on the second Saturday of every month. The theme for May will be May Madness and the doggie entrance fee will be a donation of food and perhaps a blanket, for our Outreach Programme.

    Please let me know if you would like to participate in our May Yappy Hour or at another one.

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