Sore joints in dogs and cats – what you can do naturally

15th March 2012
Beryl Shuttleworth
8 Responses
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One of the most common problems in dogs and cats of all breeds is sore joints. There are all sorts of reasons for this, which I don’t want to go into here. What I would like to discuss here, is a safe natural method of treating joint problems in dogs.

Vets will often prescribe steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for these conditions. These drugs work very well, but have unfortunate side-effects. Long term use can be extremely damaging to the dog.

Sometimes, an alternative exists. Herbal or natural substances don’t always work – sometimes the disease is just too bad and has advanced beyond what natural medicine can help with.  But in a lot of cases, there are natural products which go a long way towards helping to heal these problems.

These are some of the natural substances that help:

Devil’s Claw

This is a root of a plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert – an African export that is used world-wide to alleviate the pain and inflammation of arthritis and related conditions.


MSM is a naturally occurring, sulphur-containing substance that helps in a variety of diseases, including allergies and joint diseases. No-one is absolutely sure exactly how it works, but it has been proven to work in a number of highly professional clinical trials.



Glucosamine  is a very small building block of cartilage. So, when cartilage is damaged, by disease or injury, glucosamine  helps in the rebuilding process.


Fenugreek is a lessor known herb which is extremely effective in assisting  in alleviating sore joints.

The Herbal Pet products, Joint Formula, Joint Care and the Nutriphase Joint Care (available from selected PnPs) contain all of these ingredients.

8 Responses

  1. Hi My German shepherd has been on steroids for 5 months as she has an infection on her spinal cord. Would Mobiflex help her as I dont like giving her the steroids but when she does not get over three days she cannot walk and has a lot of pain.

    1. Hi Shirley. Mobiflex is not our product so I can’t answer on their behalf. But our natural joint supplement (Joint Formula) does contain quite a potent natural painkiller called Devils Claw. I can’t say for sure that it will help your specific dog with her specific pain levels. But it might be worth trying on the days you don’t give the steroids just to see how it goes.

  2. please tell me where to obtain this item ,my boerbull has very bad hips and joints and would liketo try this

  3. My dog is 9 years cross between german shephard and husky. She has been inpain recently so we took her to vet, she has joint problems, and cartilage all worn out. Vet says there’s nothing much they can do, they gave her mobiflex. They said even with a hip replacement there is no guarantee. She is getting old. I don’t wanna put her down, is there alternate meds that we can use?


  4. Hi, my dog has arthirites in the hip joints, is currently on Mobiflex and Rimadyl. Can I replace it with joint formula? Can I use Joint Formula with Rimadyl?

    I need something for my other dog as well. She has a nervous condition, but I don’t want to put her on something like prosac.
    Can you please help me to get hold of your products, as we stay in Ellisras.

    Thank you
    Deon Janse van Rensburg

    1. Deon, yes you can use Joint Formula in the place of Mobiflex, with Rimadyl. For the nervous dog, please try Serenity Formula. It is completely natural and safe.

      Ask your vet to order for you from Lakato or General Vet Supplies. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll make a plan for you.

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