The benefits of exercise for pets

15th March 2012
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Having a dog share your exercise routine is fun. Here are five reasons to work out with your hound:

  1. According to, “People don’t have tails that wag. On days you’re dragging, Sparky can remind you that running should be joyful. His relaxed stride and frisky vigor are contagious. Dogs even look like they’re smiling.”
  2. Free therapy: Stella says: “I treat is as therapy when I am stressed – I just attach the lead and we walk for miles.”
  3. For Nevilene, who rides alone, it’s a safety issue: “The dogs are pretty good at warning you of potential trouble ahead such as things about to appear out of bushes.”
  4. Motivation. They don’t accept excuses – when its walkies time, its walkies time.
  5. A tired dog is a good dog. An amazing cure for all those vices caused by boredom – chewing, barking, chasing cars.

Francois sums it all up: “I remember one morning, very early, a woman came running toward me with her two labs bounding along beside her. We smiled at each other in passing. “Lucky dogs! she said. “Lucky us!” I answered over my shoulder.


3 Responses

  1. The brilliant Cesar Millan always emphasises exercise, discipline and affection for all dogs and especially for working dogs who, if they dont do the job they were bred for, can develop all kinds of behavioural issues. I’ve been guilty in the past of just giving affection automatically and all the time and I ended up with dogs that “walked all over me” – now we walk together and I get the respect I have earned.

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