The benefits of feeding dog supplements

15th March 2012
Beryl Shuttleworth
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I am a biochemist and my background for a long time was in the pharmaceutical industry. And yet, I have gravitated towards the use of herbs and natural substances to heal animals.

This is because of (not in spite of) my love for all things scientific. Let me explain.

Lets say that your dog has arthritis (just an example). You take the dog to the vet, who prescribes medicine. The dose of this medicine will be precisely calculated and it will be a large dose (by my standards – more on this later).

The drug has one method of stopping the arthritis – for example, it blocks the pain receptors, resulting in less pain for your dog. Great news.

The disadvantage of this large dose of a single drug is that, inevitably, there are side effects. Perhaps your dog gets a bit shaky. Or his immune system is compromised. Sometimes, his body will become accustomed to the drug and the drug stops working so well (called tolerance). So the vet is forced to up the dose. Which results in more side effects. And more tolerance. You get the picture, I am sure.

This is where The Herbal Pet’s philosophy is different. Our products are formulated with these two points in mind:

  1. A lot of different natural substances are used together.  To continue with my example, Joint Formula consists of 6 different plants and natural substances, all of which have been scientifically proven to help with arthritis. But each one does so in its own unique way. In this way, the problem is being tackled using several different methods, but with a common purpose – making your dog feel less stiff and sore.
  2. The ingredients of Joint Formula (and all of the other products) are present in low doses. Because there are so many ingredients, working together with a common purpose, the efficacy of the product is not affected. But, the tolerance is less. And the side effects are less. No vicious cycle of dose vs effect.

This is what I call The Herbal Pet philosophy. And this is what I want to know from you – does it make as much sense to you as it makes to me?

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