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15th March 2012
Beryl Shuttleworth
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There are many, many herbal supplements for dogs and cats on the market. There are gazillions of vitamin supplements available. Mineral and amino acid supplements are less common, but still plentiful. But a supplement that combines all of these? Not so many.

At The Herbal Pet our policy is to combine all of what your pet needs for its specific problem or situation.

For example, nervousness in a dog or cat can have several different causes. A deficiency in the amino acid, 5-HTP can be a cause. So can a shortage of Vitamin B1 (thiamine). Or magnesium. Or Inositol (another vitamin). Serenity Formula contains all of these.

Then, of course, the cause may not be nutritional, it may be exposure to scary stuff. Scary stuff, to a dog or cat, can be: a new pet, a move, shows, etc.  To help your pet deal with the scary stuff,  we include a blend of calming herbs including the well known Chamomile.

In this way, we hope to achieve two things:

  1. Effectiveness – all possible causes of the problem are addressed. Making the supplement more likely to succeed than one that has only one or two ingredients.
  2. Safety – because we are using several different substances that work together to solve a problem, we are able to use smaller amounts of these substances. Smaller doses mean fewer side effects. Good thing. 🙂

Another reason that we are different to other supplement manufacturers is that we only use human grade raw materials. There is such a thing as animal grade or feed grade. Yes, it is cheaper, but the quality is not as good. We have made the decision that, if it is not good enough for humans, then it is not good enough for our pets.

I (Beryl Shuttleworth) formulate each of these products individually, using the latest research and keeping them up to date. There is no marketing department, spotting the latest trends. There is no finance department, urging cost cuts. There is just me, with my head in the latest research papers.

Lastly, I believe in integrity in business. In every single sale, no matter the size.

5 Responses

  1. My dog is allergic to grass. He gets itchy around his inside hind quarters and feet. He chews his feet when itchy, but luckily does not break skin. However he will tear out all his coat around his lower back legs. My vet wants him on cortisone, however I am very anti this. I have tried everything I can for the last 3 years. It has been a long process as I do give the products a few months to work effectively. He also gets very very irritable (understandably) when itching and this result in him being a bit burlish with my pack. What can you recommend?

    1. Anita, please try the Allergy Formula. It has helped dogs with similar problems to yours. Read more about it under Products on this site.

    2. Anita, you could also take a good look at your pets diet. I changed my dog’s diet to a completely natural, wholesome diet and I’ll never go back to kibble. There’s so much that vets don’t get taught at vet. school (do you know that nutrition is only focused on for a few hours in the entire course??).

      Anyway, a shocking number of cats and dogs suffer from skin problems, and nutrition is 98% of the cause, if not 100%. It’s a scary world out there when you know what people will do for a bit of money 🙁

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