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13th June 2016
Beryl Shuttleworth
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How histamine affects your dog or cat

Histamine is a naturally occurring chemical in your pet’s body. It is released from mast cells when the immune system sees something as a threat. The mast cell walls break open which releases the histamine which then binds to receptors in the cells and this causes:

  • the blood vessels to swell, causing itchiness, redness and rashes
  • an increase in mucous (runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes)
  • the airways to narrow (wheezing)

All of these things are great when the threat is real, like a disease. They help to fight the disease in various ways.

But, if the perceived threat is a piece of grass or food or pollen, this can become a big problem. Because it is very difficult to isolate a dog or cat from these things.

This is what an allergy is – an immune response to something that isn’t actually a threat at all.

Why Allergex (Loratadine) works

Loratidine (Allergex) is a medication commonly prescribed for allergies. It works by binding to the same receptors that histamine binds to, but has the opposite effect. This results in a decrease in the allergy symptoms.

Side-effects of Allergex

The problem with Loratidine is that, like most pharmaceuticals, it has side-effects. These are mostly quite harmless – drowsiness (although Loratidine is much better than the predecessor anti-histamines), dry mouth, headaches. Other more serious side-effects such as amnesia, depression, pain and urinary incontinence have also occurred, although these are relatively uncommon.

Taking a natural approach

Citrus aurantium has been found to have a similar effect, but different mode of action to Loratidine. It doesn’t have the opposite effect of histamine, it just stops the histamine from being released in the first place. Histamine is stored in cells called mast cells. Citrus aurantium simply stops the mast cell walls from breaking open. This prevents the release of histamine.

So, there is no ‘opposite effect’, everything just stays the same. No headaches, no sleepiness. But also, no allergic response.


27 Responses

  1. Good day i have 1 pitbull and 2 bullterriers that cough gag and throw up foamy slime what home remedy can i use for them i started giving the alergex

    1. Excellent question! A dog with a headache may display unusual behaviour like pacing or licking. Or they might be sensitive to light or noise. Others tend to sleep a lot. If you know your dog, you should be able to pick up on these signs quite quickly.

  2. I. Have a 12 year old fox terrier female dog she scratches her back on the cement and crys out loud its a terrible sound I found a bump on her stomache also can all this effect her back legs

  3. Good day. I have two Jack Russells and they do not stop licking paws and rubbing mouths agains anything they see. On the grass, agains the door, carpet etc. Their paws also tend to be very pink and itchy and they lick constantly. Can I give them Allergex and what dose please?

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks so much for this valuable post. I have a boerboel that has a constant itchy ears and paws, because of an allergen that I’m struggling to identify. Im thinking grass or pollen. So, is it better to give the drowsy, or non-drowsy allergex? Is one more effective or harmful than the other?
    Thank in advance.

    1. Hi Deirdre.

      Apparently there is no difference in efficacy between the two versions. In which case I’d say rather go for the non drowsy version.

      But a quick question – have you tried our Allergy Formula?

    2. My 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier (standard size) have a skin allergy, its coming and going for years, I had it under control, but with the change of season itnis back, small sores in her back and chest. Can I give her allergex to help for the itchyness??

    1. Carol, a cough can be caused by various things. Also I’m not a vet and even if I was, a diagnosis online wouldn’t be accurate. But, that said, if it is allergy related, Allergy Formula should help. And, if it doesn’t, we pay you back. So maybe worth a try?

  5. Good Morning,

    I have a 9 month old Great Dane that has had an allergy from the time we got him, he has bumps under his skin causing him to scratch all the time.

    We have tried almost everything, inoculations, creams, special food etc. The irritation comes and goes depending on what he does or eats. I can’t afford the special food for an extended period and am looking for a more cost effective solution to relieve the irritation.

    Any assistance would be appreciated as he is a beautiful healthy dog otherwise.


    Reg King

  6. I’m in South Africa. I have a cross York ie who comes out in a severe rash on her tummy every time we bring her to our holiday home at the sea. I have been given cortisone pills and spray but am reluctant to keep giving cortisone to her. To date despite every medication for dogs on the shelves nothing else helps. What now? Val Williams

  7. I have a boerboel who has contact dermatitis to grass and certain food s, I give him two allergex tab every 8 hours, can I continue giving him allergex? Is there something else that I can do for him?

  8. Hi
    My 14 year old girl(Husky) is every 5th night restless.Her twin sister has no problem with sleeping.
    She will walk up and down,and only lie down and sleep at about six the next morning.
    I tried alergax,only one and without success.
    She is on pain tablets and metacam,eats only cooked chicken, drinks water and can still play with her sister.
    Is there something that I can give her to make her sleepy on the nights when she is restless?
    My wife and I make turns to stay awake with her during the nights.
    All my dogs sleep inside.I don’t want her to be outside.
    Cor Steyn

  9. My 1 year old Schnauzer has a contact dermatitis to grass but certain food stuffs eg chicken andi rice seem to exacerbate the problem. She is on half an Allergex tab, 2xday but it doesn’t really seem to be helping and I don’t want to increase the dose as she seems to be quite tired.
    Please could you tell me where I can buy Citrus Aurantium. Would it be available from a health pharmacy.
    I’d appreciate any other advice please.
    Thank you.

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