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Unique formulations

We’re always surprised how little thought seems to go into a lot of natural products. Even for humans, even when there is proper, valid scientific research which shows that a natural ingredient has a profound positive effect on a condition, there are few supplement companies that utilise this knowledge.

We do. This is why our supplements contain herbs that you might never have heard of before, particularly those from the African continent. We have incorporated them because they have been scientifically tested to be extremely effective.

A different approach to ingredients

The other thing that makes us different is that we use many different ingredients in our products, unlike most manufacturers who use fewer ingredients in higher amounts. We believe that, in nature, a single molecule is unlikely to solve what is nearly always a complex problem. We prefer to use moderate amounts of many different ingredients which all work, each in their different way, towards the same goal. We have found this multi-pronged approach to be extremely effective.

The Herbal Horse and Pet - Natural supplements

Researched continually

Because we are a relatively small company, we are agile and quick to respond to changes. If there is new research, we will be reading it and, if we think it is worth it, updating our product. We really do want to be the best and we work very hard towards this.


A lot of thought has gone into our products – we are confident that they will help your animal’s health. So confident in fact that, if you feel that it hasn’t helped your pet or horse,  we will pay you back what you paid for it. Read more about our guarantee here


A natural substance must be more than just effective to be included in our formulations. It must be safe to the animal as well. It is for this reason that we use only reputable suppliers with whom we have had a long term relationship. And it is for this reason that our products undergo the rigorous testing and meet all of the requirements of our regulatory bodies.

Happy pets and happy customers …

Calm Mix: I had a OTTB who would shut down and become downright dangerous if he got stressed or got a fright, in hand and under saddle. He went straight through fencing with me on him, straight into a ditch as well. And he can pig root, on my. He was also food aggressive.- Susan
Itch Mix: We have completely lost the violent head shake that snatched the reins out of my hand along with striking out of front leg. He doesn’t head shake when there are no flies about now, where as he did before when he was hot during work and when a fly hits his face his reaction is very muted and only what you would expect from any horse. We rode through a cloud of midges today and there was no reaction at all.- Lucy
Allergy Formula: I’ve been giving the allergy formula to my two dogs with great success. I could literally see a difference in the itching and scratching within 1 hr of giving the first dose – medicine doesn’t even come close!- Yolande
Joint Formula: Your product has made a world of difference to not only Hope’s life (my boerbull lab mix) but also to my own life because I no longer worry or wonder when she might have stiff painful joints or not be able to walk. Since using it she’s been perfect.- Dr Krishni Naidoo
Amazingly affordable product for the results on offer. I have previously paid up to 4 times more than the cost of his remedy. Definite difference in my dog and that's why I have been using it for the past year and will continue to use the product. Great job Beryl!- Kerry Bailey
Brilliant, have a Golden Retriever, his lower back cartilage is disintegrating and he used to hardly be able to walk. I was seriously thinking about putting him to sleep. Tried Joint Formula and now he is up and about, even plays with the new puppy. He still has his off days, but is a 1000 percent more at ease. Bought him a few extra years.- Deanne Roberts

We stand by our products …

If our supplements don’t work, you don’t pay

We are so confident in our products that, if you feel that it hasn’t helped your pet or horse,  we will pay you back what you paid for it.

 Read more about our guarantee here

The Herbal Horse range

A range of products for horses (and camels) consisting of carefully researched blends of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We have products for calming, mares, immunity, endurance, muscle building, feet, stiffness, overall health and seasonal problems.

The Herbal Pet range

A range of products for dogs and cats consisting of carefully researched blends of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We have products for calming, itchiness, everyday health, cleansing and joints.

The Pure range

This range consists of straight herbs and minerals – Devils Claw, Magnesium Oxide, Kelp (Seaweed), Turmeric and Rooibos.

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