Our Story

I was 35 years old and working at a pharmaceutical company when the Universe told me the following: 

  1. My complete nutcase of a horse (aptly named Brat) was not being helped by ANY of the calming supplements on the market. And I realised I actually had the knowledge necessary to invent an effective one.

  2. My then two year old daughter needed more time with her mom.

  3. Products on the market for animals at the time were either pharmaceutical drugs or seemingly arbitrary mixes of herbs with hundreds of varied, unsubstantiated, medical claims.

I saw a gaping hole in the market for carefully thought out, well researched yet safe natural products. This was how The Herbal Horse was born.

A few years later, we extended the range to include products for dogs and cats.  We named this part of the business The Herbal Pet.

At about the same time, I discovered new passion – exporting. I really do believe that small South African businesses exporting to other countries could go a long way towards healing our country’s many problems. Soon, we were exporting to the Middle East, Europe and the United Kingdom.

In 2016, we won a competition called Boost your Biz. The prize was space on Pick n Pay’s shelves. This was a major boost for our pet products. So much so that we invented a whole range of products for Pick n Pay called Nutriphase Herbals, becoming the first pet suppliers to Pick n Pay to be marketed under their famous Livewell brand.

What is next, you may ask? Well, firstly I want to update The Herbal Horse products . Then I’m keen to try out The Herbal Human – what do you think?