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16th March 2017
Beryl Shuttleworth
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Some issues underlying a pet’s condition and health are related to what the pet eats. Typical kibble, raw or BARF diets often don’t provide all the macro and micronutrients that a pet needs to be healthy. The same goes for horses. Our approach was to design a range that filled these nutritional gaps. Each product is designed to fill a specific weakness in their diets and hence to fix a specific problem.


Our formulations are unique

We’re always surprised how little thought seems to go into a lot of natural products. Even for humans, and even when there is proper, valid scientific research which shows a natural ingredient has a positive effect on a condition, there are extremely few supplement companies that actually use this research.

We do. This is why our supplements contain herbs that you might never have heard of before. We have incorporated them because they have been scientifically proven to be effective.

We prefer a low-dose instead of a high-dose approach

We use many different ingredients in our products, unlike most manufacturers who use fewer ingredients but in higher amounts. We believe that in nature, a single molecule is unlikely to solve what is nearly always a complex problem. We prefer to use moderate amounts of many different ingredients which all work towards the same goal. Sixteen years of experience have shown us that this multi-pronged approach is extremely effective.

We never stop researching

Because we are a relatively small company, we are agile and quick to respond to changes. If there is new research, we will be reading it and, if we think it is worth it, we will update our formulations.

Our products work

We are confident our products will help your animal’s health. So confident in the fact that, if a customer feels that it hasn’t helped their pet, we will happily pay them back what they paid for it.

They are safe

A natural substance must be more than just effective to be included in our formulations. It must be safe to the animal as well. We use only reputable suppliers with whom we have had long relationships. And our products undergo rigorous testing to meet all of the requirements of our regulatory bodies as well as those in overseas countries.

The Herbal Horse and Pet - Natural supplements


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